How To Fix ‘you declined the action in your wallet’ in Opensea

I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one getting the ‘you declined the action in your wallet‘ error message on Opensea. Some users on OpenSea experience this when posting an item on the platform. This has been a known issue on their interface for quite some time. So let me show you how I fixed this annoying issue.


Fixes for you declined the action in your wallet

  1. Clear Cache and Cookies
  2. Use Incognito Mode
  3. Sign out and Sign back in on your browser wallet
  4. Remove wallet extension and add it again
  5. Pay more gas to speed up the transaction

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Clear Cache and Cookies

If you’re using a browser upon having this issue, a quick fix would be clearing your cache and cookies.

If you’re using a Chrome browser, there is a shortcut to accessing the Clear browsing data option.

Press ctrl+shift+delete on your keyboard, and it will direct you to that page.

Make sure the cache images and files are checked. Also, the time range should be by the last hour. Cookies and other site data should be checked as well.

Once you have selected the required options, you can click the clear data button to proceed.

If you’re using a different browser like Firefox, Edge, or Brave, you can research how to Clear Cache and Cookies on Google. It’s a straightforward process, so it should be easy.

Now go back to the OpenSea website and press ctrl+f5 to do a hard refresh.

Try posting on Opensea again and check if the issue has been resolved.

Incognito Mode

Using Incognito mode on your browser will mostly fix this issue. To do this on your Chrome browser, press ctrl+shift+N, and it will open a new tab for Incognito mode.

Make sure to add your wallet extension on Incognito mode. The extensions will not be available on Incognito mode since that is the default setting. You need to set it up on the manage extension settings and allow the extension on Incognito mode.

If you’re using a Firefox browser, the shortcut key is ctrl+shift+P for incognito mode. You can search other browsers for their Incognito mode on Google.

Once you have added your wallet extension, go to the OpenSea website, try posting the same item again, and see if it works.

Sign out and Sign back in on your browser wallet

If the above fixes still don’t work, do this next step. Access your browser wallet and sign out from that wallet. It would be from your Metamask, Coinbase, Phantom, and other wallets. Sign out and sign back in.

Try posting the item again if it works. If it didn’t work the first time, try doing it a couple of times.

Remove wallet extension and add it again

This next fix will require you to remove the wallet extension from your browser. Before doing this, you need to make sure you have your backup phrase for you to import your existing Wallet later on. This process will make a fresh install of your Wallet on the browser.

First, remove your wallet extension. To do this, click the extension on your browser and select remove from chrome.

Now, to add it again, you can go to the Chrome Web Store since we are using chrome for this tutorial. Search for the wallet extension that you are using. If you’re using Metamask, then search for Metamask. The same with the Coinbase wallet and others.

Once the Wallet is added to your browser, you can import your existing Wallet using your backup phrase.

Now try doing the same thing on Opensea to see if it will go through this time.

Stuck Pending Transactions

One of the reasons you’re having the ‘you declined the action in your wallet’ error is that you have a stuck or a pending transaction. This usually happens when there is congestion in the network and the gas you used was insufficient for your previous transaction.

Pay more gas to speed up the transaction

You can up your gas amount to speed up the pending stuck transactions. To do this, go to your Metamask Wallet by clicking the extension on your browser.

Check the activity tab and see your transaction’s pending status. Click the speed up button and provide a much higher gas fee. You can also select the suggested gas requirement and hit confirm.

Once the transaction is complete, you can try posting the item again on NFT. This is the most effective fix for the ‘you declined the action in your wallet’ issue on Opensea.

Submit a Request to Opensea Support

If all the fixes above are not working, the last option will be to submit a request to Opensea support.

To do this, go to this link Click the Submit a request located on the upper-right side of your screen.

Provide all the necessary details on the required fields. Write in full detail about the issue you are having and provide screenshots.

 Once done, you can submit the request.

Wait for the support to email back and provide the fix of the ‘you declined the action in your wallet’ issue to be resolved.


I know it’s a bit annoying if you encounter this interface issue. But with the guides in this article, you will fix this issue. Remember to be patient and take your time as you go through the process. We hope this guide was helpful and that you can now use OpenSea without any problems.

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