How To Stake BRISE Token: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we will be discussing how to stake BRISE Token. We will go over the different methods you can use to stake your tokens and some of the benefits of doing so. By the end of this article, you will have a good understanding of how to stake your BRISE Token and what benefits you can reap from doing so.

What is BRISE token?

The BRISE token is a native token that was created on the BitGert blockchain. It is used to power the blockchain and to reward users for their contributions. The BRISE team is focused on developing the blockchain and creating a solid community around it. They believe that the BitGert blockchain has the potential to be a killer platform for Solana and that it will revolutionize the way that blockchains are built.

Why should you stake your BRISE tokens?

When you stake your Brise tokens, you essentially lock them away for a set period of time, and in return, you receive a percentage of the rewards. The Staking platform will give you 6% to 45% returns depending on how many days you staked your BRISE token. This is an excellent way to earn passive income while helping to secure the network.

This process helps to secure the network and ensures that those who hold their BRISE tokens are rewarded for their loyalty. It also creates an incentive for people to keep their tokens in circulation rather than selling them off immediately.

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Steps on How to stake BRISE token 

  1. Go to
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Click the “Stake BRISE” button
  4. Select Amount and Lock-in period
  5. Confirm the transaction from your wallet

First, you need to have some BRISE tokens to be able to stake. Refer to this page for the complete list of exchanges where you can trade BRISE tokens.

For staking BRISE token, you need to be in the Binance Smart Chain Network.

For this tutorial, we will be using Metamask wallet on our browser.

Go to

Open your browser and visit

Once you arrive at the Bitgert official website, you will see brief information on how staking works. There will be several options for the lock-in period for you to choose from, from 30 days to 180 days and fixed returns from 6% to 45%. Also, the returns are dependent on the market conditions.

Connect your wallet

Look for the Connect Wallet button on the upper right of your screen to connect your wallet. After you click the Connect Wallet, it will give you an option on which wallet you will connect. Make sure to use the right wallet that has stored your BRISE tokens. For this guide, we are using the Metamask wallet. I highly recommend using the Metamask wallet for an easy interface.

After you choose the Metamask wallet, there will be a pop-up on your Metamask; click Next and Connect to continue.

Click the Stake BRISE button

After you connect your Metamask wallet, you can proceed to stake by clicking the Stake BRISE button.

Select Amount and Lock-in period

Now you can select how much BRISE token are you willing to stake. Next is how many days you’re willing to lock your tokens. Each lock-in period has different staking rewards, so choose wisely.

Once you’re done with the amount and the number of days of the lock-in period, you can click the Enable button to continue.

Confirm the transaction from your wallet

After you click the Enable button, there will be a notification from your Metamask wallet to confirm the transaction. Click the Confirm button to continue.

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, a few things could happen with the BRISE Token in the future.

One possibility is that the BRISE Token could become increasingly popular and more widely used. If this happens, then the value of the token could potentially increase as well. Another possibility is that the BRISE Token could be used to purchase goods or services on Bitgert, making it one of the cheapest gas fees around. This would make it an attractive option for people looking to save money on their transactions. Finally, the BRISE Token could also be used as a way to invest in cryptocurrencies. This would give people a way to earn returns on their investment while also helping to support the development of new blockchain-based projects.

What is the risk involved in Staking BRISE token?

There is a risk associated with staking BRISE tokens. When you stake your BRISE tokens, you lock them up for a specific amount of time. During that time, you cannot use them for anything else. If something happens and the project fails, you will not be able to get your tokens back.

Final Words

In conclusion, staking your BRISE token is a great way to earn rewards while helping to secure the network. To get started, follow the steps outlined in this article. And be sure to check out the BRISE website for more information on the project.

I hope this article helps you on how to stake BRISE token and its benefits. Always remember to do your own research before investing into something.

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