How to Reset MetaMask Password in Less Than 5 Minutes

MetaMask is a secure digital wallet that lets you store and use Ethereum and other blockchain-based tokens. It can be used to browse, send, receive payments and participate in dApps. One of MetaMask’s features is the ability to password protect your wallet. If you forget your password, there is a way to reset it. This article will show you how to reset MetaMask password.

Resetting your MetaMask’s password requires you to have the secret recovery phrase of your wallet. Check the link below to see why securing your secret recovery phrase is crucial.

Don’t Let Your Secret Recovery Phrases Fall Into the Wrong Hands.”

Steps on How to Reset MetaMask Password for browser

  1. Access the MetaMask Extension
  2. Click the Forgot Password
  3. Provide the Secret Recovery Phrase
  4. Create a new password

For this guide, we will be using Chrome as our browser. You can also use other browsers, and the process will likely be the same.

Access the MetaMask Extension

Click the MetaMask Extension on the upper-right of your screen. You can find it on the extension tab.

If the MetaMask extension is unavailable on your browser, you can click the extension tab and look for the MetaMask extension. Check the arrow from the image above.

Click the Forgot Password

Once you have access to your MetaMask wallet, you can see the Forgot Password option.

Click on the Forgot Password.

how to reset metamask password forgot password

If you still have access to your MetaMask wallet and want to change your password, then you can do so.

What you need to do is to lock your MetaMask wallet first. To do this, click the MetaMask extension.

Click the Circle Logo to access your MetaMask settings.

Click the Lock button to log out into your MetaMask wallet. Refer to the image below for directions.

Provide the Secret Recovery Phrase

After you click the Forgot Password, you will be redirected to a new tab wherein your Secret Recovery Phrase is needed to reset your MetaMask password.

You can copy all the words from your Secret Recovery Phrase file and paste them directly. This way, you won’t have to copy and paste it one at a time.

Double-check all the words on the required fields so the process will go smoothly.

Create a New Password

Once you have pasted all the words, you can create a new password for your MetaMask login. Make sure to have a strong and unique password to make it secure.

Click the Restore Button to continue.

That’s it! You have successfully changed your MetaMask password. Make sure to have a copy of your MetaMask login in case you forget about it.

Steps on How to Reset MetaMask Password for Mobile App

  1. Launch the MetaMask Mobile App
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Security & Privacy
  4. Tap Change Password
  5. Confirm your password
  6. Create a New Password

Launch the MetaMask Mobile App

MetaMask Mobile app is available for both Android and IOS devices. The process will likely be the same for both mobile devices.

Open the MetaMask app on your mobile device.

Go to Settings

On your MetaMask main dashboard, look for the three horizontal lines at the upper-left corner of your screen, then tap on them.

Go to Security & Privacy

Once you tap on the settings, you will go to the settings page. There are several options available, but we need to go to Security & Privacy. So tap on the Security & Privacy option.

Tap Change Password

Once you are on the Security & Privacy page, the Change Password is now accessible.

Tap on the Change Password.

Confirm your Password

Before changing your MetaMask mobile wallet password, you must first confirm the current password.

Enter the Current password and tap the Confirm button to continue.

Create a New Password

After you confirm your current password, you will be directed to a new page where you are now able to Create a New Password for your MetaMask mobile wallet.

Enter a new password. Make sure to use a strong password and have a copy for backup purposes.

Once you decide on the new password, you can tap the Reset Password button to continue.

That’s it! You now have a new password for your MetaMask mobile app. You can toggle the Remember me option so that you don’t need to enter your password every time you launch your MetaMask app.


Why is my MetaMask password not working?

If you’re having trouble logging into MetaMask, or your password isn’t working, there are a few things you can try. First, ensure you’re using the correct password (the password is case-sensitive). If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Password?” link on the login page. And follow the steps above for resetting your MetaMask password.

Is my MetaMask password my seed phrase?

Your MetaMask seed phrase is different from your password. Your seed phrase is a 12-word passphrase used to generate your private keys. It would be best if you never share your seed phrase with anyone. If you lose your seed phrase, you will lose access to all of your tokens and funds. Your password is only used for logging into your MetaMask account. You can choose any password you want, but it’s important to remember it.

Can I recover my MetaMask seed phrase?

There is no way to recover if you forget or lose your MetaMask seed phrase. The seed phrase is the only way to access your account, so it’s essential to keep it safe and remember it.

What happens if I reset my MetaMask wallet?

Before resetting your MetaMask wallet, secure your backup phrase first. Resetting your MetaMask wallet is a way to fix stuck transactions happening on your MetaMask wallet. Also, if there are multiple pending transactions, resetting your MetaMask will help you resolve these issues.

As long as you have your Secret recovery phrase, even if you reset or delete your MetaMask account, you can still have access to your wallet.


If you have forgotten your MetaMask password, there are a few ways to reset it. You can use the recovery seed, import an existing account, or use the password manager. Whichever method you choose, be sure to back up your data in case you need to reset your password again in the future. Thanks for reading!

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