How to Get a STEPN Activation Code: Ultimate Guide

Do you desire to earn crypto while walking on the road? If yes, then you need a stepn activation code. STEPN is a move-to-earn app that promotes a healthy lifestyle. The app provides incentives in exchange for outdoor walks. One needs to equip an NFT in the form of sneakers in the app.

The currency earned can be used and even withdrawn. That is the reason everyone is going crazy to make profits from this. But this is only possible when you have a STEPN activation code. The app developers are aware of this; thus, to limit the person, they added stepn code.

Because of such colossal demand, getting the STEPN activation code is difficult. However, there are numerous free ways to get the STEPN activation code. If you are in search of steps, how to get an activation code for stepn? Then stay tuned. 

What is STEPN?

What is stepn and how to get stepn activation code
Move to earn

This is an app that gives currency rewards for walking and running. Thus you can earn crypto for being healthier. The app uses social-fi and blockchain concepts, which makes people more interested in it. One must own or rent an NFT sneaker or can link their crypto wallet to begin their earning.

What are Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Why Are They So Important?

When choosing a sneaker, you need to pick the one whose fitness levels you can match. The app provides different types of sneakers, such as walkers, joggers, runners, and trainers. All these sneakers have a kilometer-per-hour concept that one needs to fulfill by running.

Once you select a sneaker, then you need to follow up walks according to the sneakers you have chosen to survive. You must maintain the performance of sneakers to get more sneakers.

Useful Steps to Get STEPN Activation Codes

Every STEPN code is unique and can only be used once. STEPN attracts millions of users as the incentives are high. If you are looking for how to get stepn code, then mentioned below are some different ways to get Stepn activation code. Select the one which is most suitable for you.

Get the Code From a Peer or Friend

The easiest way to get the code without difficulty is by asking a friend. There might be people around you using STEPN, among your friends or anyone from your peer group. Therefore you can ask them to give you a code.

Beware of code generator apps that promise to provide stepn activation code. They are viruses, so be cautious while downloading any of them. 

Get the Activation Code From STEPN Discord 

Join the official Discord channel to get those Stepn Activation Code. Here’s the link.

One needs to join the official discord server of STEPN. But that might be competitive as many users will also be waiting for the stepn code. Therefore you need to keep refreshing the screen and be steady in using the code immediately, as it is valid for one user only. 

By every 15 minutes, the server offers ten activation codes. That means in a day, they share 960 STEPN activation codes. The server’s network can be busy as so many users are waiting on it; thus, it will take a little time to join it. 

Get a STEPN Activation Code From the STEPN Telegram Group 

Join the official telegram group to get those STEPN activation code. Here’s the link

The STEPN telegram group shares about 1000 STEPN activation codes once a day. The link offered is usually the same. Thus it saves you time if you visit the official link. 

  1. Visit the official stepn activation code link. Also, check the telegram link in case there might be a change in the link. 
  2. Closely monitor the invitation codes shared by the users in the chat. As numerous malicious users also share scam links. Therefore you need to be attentive and make sure to check that the link is a pinned post and shared by the admin only.   

Get the Code From Social Media

Stepn Official Reddit Channel

Social media is a fantastic way to get a stepn activation code, as there is no time restriction. You can search for the code anytime when you are free. There are different types of social media platforms where you can find the codes are:

  • Twitter- by using the hashtag #STEPNactivationcode and you will find people who are offering the same. 
  • Facebook- Be sure to check the STEPN Facebook community or stepn activation code groups to get the code.
  • Reddit – you can search r/STEPN or other crypto-related subreddits to find an invitation code.  

STEPN Codes for Influencers 

If you are an influencer, then you have the privilege to get the stepn code. STEPN conducts programs for influencers where they can apply for the codes. You have the chance to get ten activation codes per thousand followers or subscribers. 

The process of this application contains simple steps. 

  1. You need to fill out the activation code generator application form. That contains your contact information and your social media handle. The Stepn activation codes will be distributed through links and offered till any code lasts. 
  2. One can also take it through other influencers. If your friend is an influencer, you can request him to buy the codes for you.  

Complete the STEPN Quiz to Get a STEPN Activation Code

There is a quiz offered by STEPN that includes six questions. One can try their luck and answers the quiz correctly. Upon completing the quiz, you might get the activation code if you are lucky. Check the questions below and the answers that can help you win the codes. 

Here Are the Questions That Are Asked in the stepn Code Quiz: 

  • What is STEPN?

You can answer that it is a web3-running app.

  • What NFT sneakers cannot do in the app?

Collection of energy shards

  • In the ecosystem of STEPN, what token pairs are used?

Two token pairs are used in STEPN: GST (green satoshi) and GMT (green metaverse token).

  • What is the whole supply of GMT?

The whole supply of GMT was 6 billion. 

  • What was the most significant achievement of STEPN in Oct 2021?

They won the Solana ignition hackathon.

  • What goals did you desire to attain by using STEPN?

Write the goal you have determined for yourself.  

It is highly convenient to answer the question as they contain options. You can increase the chances of getting a stepn activation code furthermore by giving these answers.

How STEPN Works?

This activity-tracking app records distance and lets users earn crypto from it. You need to open the app when you start your walk or jog. One cannot walk over treadmills as the app uses a GPS to track the user’s movement. Before starting, you need to select a sneaker from the given options:

  • walker- 1-6 km/hr 
  • jogger- 4-10 km/hr
  • runner- 8-20 km/hr
  • trainer- 1-20 km/hr

By completing these targets, one can collect energy caps. All the earlier-mentioned sneakers have particular energy caps, and a maximum of 20 energy caps are there.

You will get GST (green satoshi token) per minute for your movements. One energy = 5 minutes, meaning if you get five energy caps, you can earn 25 minutes.

How Do People Make Money From STEPN?

The token or currency of STEPN is GST and GMT. These tokens have worth as GMT is the 110th largest crypto. The current worth of 1 GST is about $0.02 USD, while 1 GMT is $0.38, and the value fluctuates over time.

The money count depends on four characteristics: efficiency, luck, resilience, and comfort. The high efficiency of sneakers can help you earn more tokens if a person has a higher luck score and more energy caps. Then they have greater chances of getting mystery boxes.

Mystery boxes contain gems that one can use to add features to their sneakers. These gems can also be sold in the app market to grab more profits. Resilience decides how quickly your NFT sneakers are going to degrade. 

One needs to spend their GST repairing their sneakers from time to time. Because they lose their earning power if not repaired timely. While users try to run more to earn incentives, this makes their shoes wear out and need repairing. 

The fourth characteristic is comfort, where players are introduced to GMT (green metaverse token). This is only provided to people whose sneakers reach level 30 and at least have three energy. One can keep their earnings to GST or switch to GMT as per their wish. 

How to Increase Energy In STEPN?

Once you get the stepn activation code, then you need to earn energy as the rewards depend upon them. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain and enhance energy to receive greater rewards. Energy level starts to increase when sneakers are first bought. 

The sale and purchase of sneakers are allowed, but you will lose some energy when you sell the sneakers. So you can see how essential it is to increase energy regularly. Here are some tips that can help you to increase your energy in STEPN:

Buy Trainer Sneakers 

Buying trainer sneakers can help you get more energy. One can increase their move to earn time by buying trainer sneakers as they offer extra energy caps than other sneakers. 

Rare Sneakers 

Distinct variations of sneakers are present on STEPN. Owing a rare sneaker can add a rise in their energy. There are other types mentioned in rare sneakers that include:

  • uncommon sneakers =1 energy
  • rare sneakers = 2 energy 
  • epic sneakers = 3 energy 
  • legendary sneakers = 4 energy

Legendary sneakers are the rarest ones; thus, they offer a much higher level of energy. Therefore, buying these sneakers can instantly boost your energy level. 


This is a fantastic app that promotes walking and also provides a good return for it. STEPN is in high demand as they allure people through incredible incentives. The only difficulty one can face is how to get stepn activation code that we have solved above. 

You can choose the most appropriate step and find your STEPN code to begin your journey. One can earn decent profits from STEPN as GST and GMT offer good returns. But one needs to pay attention to how much they should invest in the app to make profitable returns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many activation codes does STEPN provide users every day?

There are various platforms and ways to attain a stepn code. But if we talk about the total number of activation codes. Then STEPN shares around 2000 codes daily with users through discord and different groups. 

Can you collect the activation codes and use them frequently?

All the codes are different from one another and have one-time use only. Piling of codes is not possible; thus, either player uses the stepn code or gives it to other players. 

Are STEPN activation codes hard to find?

Actually, the stepn activation code is easy to find. You can discover them effortlessly on the internet or in crypto-related groups. Moreover, as many users share the invitation codes, one can quickly get them. 

Why is it necessary to get a STEPN activation code?

There is no other way, as, without the stepn code, you will not be able to enter the application. That is because, with such exciting rewards, numerous people rush to the site. 

Therefore the site often gets crashes because of overcrowding. So the developers came up with the idea of a stepn activation code to manage the crowd correctly and control the daily traffic in the application.

Can anyone give their STEPN codes to others, and how?

Yes, players can share STEPN codes with each other, but you cannot give the code from which you started. However, one can unlock a new activation code by spending ten energy in the app and then can give it to someone else. 

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