How To Add Pulsechain To Metamask

Pulsechain is an innovative blockchain platform that offers users a secure and decentralized environment to store, manage and share their data. With the ever-growing demand for digital solutions, Pulsechain stands out as a reliable and trusted platform for businesses, organizations, and individuals. It provides users with various features such as scalability, speed, privacy, security, user control, and much more.

PulseChain is doing something no one else has done until now by developing its blockchain that is already populated by contracts and user balances.

It is currently available in Testnet, meaning the Mainnet is not yet live, so you can only add PulseChain to Metamask via Test Network.

Can I Add Pulsechain to Metamask wallet?

how to add pulsechain to metamask wallet

Yes, you can add Pulsechain to your Metamask wallet, but it will still be on a testnet network. It means that there is no value being transacted on this network yet. The launch of Mainnet is not yet announced, but the community is nevertheless optimistic about the outcome.

Steps on how to add Pulschain network to Metamask

  1. Go to your Metamask wallet
  2. Click Network and select Add Network
  3. Click the add Network Manually
  4. Copy the required details below and click the save button

Network Name: PulseChain Testnet


Chain ID: 941

Currency Symbol: tPLS

Block Explorer:

For reference you can check the image below.

how to add pulse chain network to metamask wallet

How do I see PulseChain in Metamask?

Once you have successfully added the PulseChain Network to your Metamask wallet, you can check it immediately by clicking your Metamask wallet.

Visit this if you want to receive 10 PLS on your account. This is a faucet for the test network.

What is pulse chain worth?

The initial price or launch price of PulseChain (PLS) starts at $0.0001, so 1 PLS toke is equivalent to $0.0001. With a lot of hype from the community and moon boys on this coin, this will be worth watching.

Final Words

It is still unclear when the Mainnet launch date will be, but Pulsechain will be a game changer in the Crypto space. For more information, you can get involved in the community by joining their Telegram, Discord server, and Reddit page.

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