How to Disconnect Connected Sites on MetaMask

If you’re using MetaMask, there’s a good chance you’re doing so to take advantage of the decentralized web. Part of the decentralization process is ensuring that your data isn’t shared without your permission. MetaMask makes it easy to see which sites have access to your account and to disconnect any that you don’t want anymore.

To access the features of any DApps, you need to connect your Metamask first. Once connected, you can trade, swap, or stake tokens on your selected platform. This guide will show you how to view all the connected sites on your Metamask. And how to disconnect them on your Metamask.

Why Do You Need to Disconnect your Metamask?

how to disconnect metamask wallet from website

There are instances when the sites or DApps you have connected to are compromised, or the platform is one of the so-called honey-pot contracts. So to prevent any interaction with that contract, the best way would be to disconnect your Metamask to that website.

To view all the sites connected to your Metamask, click the three dots on your Metamask wallet. Next is to select the Connected sites option. Now you can see all the sites that are connected to your Metamask.

There are two ways how to disconnect your Metamask:

  • View and Disconnect Connected sites on Metamask for Browser
  • View and Disconnect Connected sites on Metamask for Mobile

View and Disconnect Connected sites on Metamask for Browser

  1. Open the Metamask Wallet
  2. Go To the Connected Sites
  3. Click Disconnect

Open the Metamask Wallet

Click the Metamask extension on your browser.

Enter the necessary details to unlock your Metamask wallet.

If you want to reset your Metamask Password you can refer to the link below.

How to Reset MetaMask Password in Less Than 5 Minutes

Go To the Connected Sites

After you have successfully logged into your Metamask wallet, you can access the settings.

Click the three vertical dots on the upper-right of your Metamask wallet.

Now you will have several options available to you. Click the Connected sites to continue.


Click Disconnect

After you have clicked the Connected sites, it will show you all the sites you have signed in with your Metamask wallet.

You are now able to have the option to disconnect these websites from your Metamask. Click the disconnect option, which will automatically disconnect that website to your Metamask account.


This will appear when you connect your Metamask account to any website. You can disconnect the connected sites on your Metamask at any time.

View and Disconnect Connected sites on Metamask for Mobile

  1. Open the Metamask Mobile App
  2. Tap on Settings
  3. Go to Security & Privacy
  4. Tap Clear Privacy Data

Open the Metamask Mobile App

Launch the Metamask app on your mobile device.

Enter your pin if you have setup the security features to access the main dashboard.

Tap on Settings

Once you have accessed your Metamask mobile app, you need to look for the three horizontal lines on the screen’s upper-left side. Tap on them.

Now you will have different menus available; tap the settings option.

Go to Security & Privacy

On the settings page, look for the Security & Privacy option, and tap on them to continue to the next step.

Tap Clear Privacy Data

Once on the Security & Privacy page, scroll down until you find the Clear Privacy data button. This will disconnect all the connected sites on your Metamask account. Tap on the clear Privacy Data button to continue.

A notification for approval will pop up; tap the clear button to proceed with the process.

All the sites connected on your Metamask mobile app will be removed or disconnected. If you go to any DApp websites, you will be notified to sign in to your Metamask wallet again.

What happens when you connect your wallet to a website?

When you connect your wallet to a website, MetaMask will show a notice asking if you’d like to connect. If you click “Connect,” the site can access your account information.

This means that the site will be able to see your account balance and any transactions you make. The site will also be able to sign transactions on your behalf.

Of course, this also means you should only connect your wallet to sites you trust. If you’re unsure about a site, it’s best to err on caution and not connect your wallet.

Final Words

It is important to know how to disconnect Metamask from a website. This can be done by following the steps outlined in this article. After you have disconnected Metamask from the website, this will remove all the connected websites and prevent it from accessing your account information.

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