Dive Into The Best Solana Metaverse Projects in 2023

There are many great Solana metaverse projects out there, but which ones are the best? Well, that depends on your preferences. Some people might prefer projects with a lot of detail and lore, while others may prefer less complicated projects that still offer a lot of features. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a Solana metaverse project, there are definitely some great ones out there.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is a new virtual reality platform allowing user-generated content and transactions. It has the potential to take over the internet as we know it. The platform has already generated a lot of interest from investors and entrepreneurs. Metaverse is still in its early stages, but there is no doubt that it has the potential to be huge.

What Is Metaverse, And Why Should You Care?

What is Solana?

Solana (SOL) is a platform built on one of the fastest blockchain technology that aims to provide a secure and efficient infrastructure for data management. It also supports NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse Gaming projects. The platform allows users to manage their data in a secure and decentralized way while providing them with the tools necessary to monetize their data. Solana also offers services that allow users to improve their data management skills.

Best Solana Metaverse Projects

  1. CryoWar
  2. Space Falcon
  3. Solmoon
  4. Portals
  5. Afflantium
  6. Nyan Heroes
  7. Solice
  8. Synergy Land


CryoWar is a blockchain-based multiplayer game with an exclusively military Play to Earn setting. It is a game that brings together gaming and blockchain into one unified, riveting adventure. The game’s creators hope to create a multi-blockchain medieval metaverse, where there is no boundary to what kind of adventure can be played out there.

CryoWar utilizes the world’s most potent 3D creation platform Unreal Engine and functions on the fastest, most secure blockchain Solana Network.

CryoWar’s most notable features include the fact that it is entirely free to play and that it works across multiple platforms, on PCs, Android, iOS, and other operating systems, as well as mobile gaming systems.


You can check CryoWar’s latest news and updates on their Twitter account with more than 187k followers. Or join their Discord server with almost 21k members and still growing every day!

Website: https://cryowar.com

Space Falcon

Space Falcon is a Futuristic Metaverse game that’s more of a classic 3D shooting game platform and its built-in Solana Network. It is a browser-based game that uses blockchain technology to incentivize players by encouraging them to a play-to-earn setup.

Space-Falcon takes NFT assets one step further by releasing planets, spaceships, and galaxies. NFTs for in-game items mean that the players literally own and control what they buy, earn, or craft. This threshold is taken directly; it is the closest to vertical scalability.

The governance token of Space Falcon is called $FCON. With a max supply of 20 billion tokens, the current circulating supply is around 2.6b tokens. $FCON is currently being traded on Kucoin, Gate.io, and Raydium.

You can check Space Falcon’s latest news and updates on their Twitter account with more than 208k followers. Or join their Discord server with more than 33k members and still increasing every day!

Website: https://www.spacefalcon.io


Solmoon is an NFT-powered pixel-metaverse that is built on Solana Network. With over 200 attributes and 500 unique planet templates, Solmoon Metaverse guarantees everyone to find a world that is suited for them.

Solmoon NFT has a total of 3333 unique collectible planets available for you to own.
The main currency of Solmoon is called $SOLMO. It has a total supply of 10 billion tokens. It is currently being traded on the Serum DEX for SOLMO/USDC pair.

You can check their Twitter account for the latest news and update and join their discord community to know more about their project.

Website: https://solmoonfinance.com


Portal is another browser-based metaverse game where you interact in an immersive futuristic social space. You can build your own space, explore, join other players, chat, and even play with them.

The NFT will function as ownership and access to the building that you own. The main feature of this metaverse game is the drag and drop room builder. Where you can customize and decorate your space to your own liking.

Genre: Metaverse, NFT, P2E

You can check their latest tweets for updates on their Twitter page with over 54k followers. They have a Discord channel where more than 15k members talk about the project all day. I suggest you get involved with the community to familiarize yourself with this incredible project.

Website: https://theportal.to


Afflantium is an online multiplayer metaverse that was created with a state of the art technology. It can be accessed on VR, PC, and Mobile. The creators of Afflantium set out to create a safe, secure, and fair gaming environment where users could play without fear of addiction. Afflantium is based on several blockchain protocols, including Ethereum Polygon and Solana network.

There are two primary tokens on Afflantium. First, the governance token $AFFL with a max supply of 12 million tokens helps in the governance of the game where holders can vote and stake for future plans and game changes. The second is the $Economy token; the sole purpose of this token is the currency in this game where you can trade assets, properties, and artifacts.

Genre: VR

Visit their Twitter for the latest news and updates, or join their Discord community to get involved.

Website: https://afflantium.com

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes is an immersive metaverse NFT Play to Earn game built on the Solana Network. Nyan Heroes is powered by the Unreal game engine where 3D cats in robots are fighting evil corporations. It is a third-person shooter game where you battle corrupted corporations for the sake of having peace in Nekovia.

Big-name investors in the crypto space are partnered with Nyan heroes like DeFiance Capital, Solana Capital, Infinity ventures, and Three Arrow Capital.

There are two primary tokens that are made up in the Nyan Hereos ecosystem. These are the following:

$NYN is their governance token with a fixed supply that will be vested over four years. The primary use of $NYN will be for voting, staking, and ecosystem expansion.

$CTNP is the Nyan Heroes in-game utility token. This has no cap, so it will be unlimited, but this will have voting in the future if the community wants to have it limited.

Visit their Twitter to get the latest news about Nyan Heroes here. Or you can get involved with their community on their Discord server with more than 89k members and still growing every month.

Website: https://nyanheroes.com


Solice is an NFT Virtual Reality Metaverse game created on the Solana blockchain. This futuristic VR game allows users to play, collect, build and socialize with other players to find ways to enjoy themselves within the Metaverse.

The governance token of Solice is $SLC token. With a max supply of 400 million tokens. The current circulation supply as of writing this article is around 43 million, so approximately 10-12% has already been released.

Solice has an open market where in you can buy or sell NFTs, such as land, Avatars, buildings, and many others. You can check their marketplace here https://market.solice.io/

Genre: NFT, Metaverse, Open World, 3D

Check out and follow their Twitter so that you can get the latest update about this amazing metaverse game. Or you can join the community on their Discord and get involved with everyone who is also rooting for this project.

Website: https://solice.io/

Synergy Land

One of the very first Metaverse games created on the Solana blockchain, Synergy Land, is an ARPG-themed multiplayer game developed and produced by Synergy Studios. It is based on several games like Diablo and Path of Exile and uses the Unreal engine to create a better, smooth gameplay experience for its players. The game is fully incentivized with the P2E model, where players can make decent earnings by just playing this fantastic game.

Synergy land is set in a world that’s divided into four ecosystems:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Cold
  • Earth

There are two main tokens that is made up on Synergy Land ecosystem. These are the following:

$SNG is the governance token of this game. Holders of $SNG tokens will receive rewards by staking their tokens, and they can also participate in voting for the changes to the game in the future.

Ancient coins $ACN is the currency within the game. They can be used for crafting, breeding pets, land taxes, and for participating in the Special dungeon.

Genre: ARPG, P2E

Check out their Twitter for the latest news, or you can join their community on Discord, with more than 30k members following this project.

Website: https://synergyland.live

Is Solana good for Metaverse?

Solana is a proposed global network that is built on blockchain technology. Supporters say that the metaverse is a perfect platform for Solana because it enables users to own their identities and data. However, there are many unanswered questions about Solana and whether it will be successful. We have to wait and see what will happen in the future.

Final take: Best Solana Metaverse Projects

The Solana Metaverse is a virtual reality platform with a lot of potential for innovative projects. Developers and entrepreneurs should keep an eye on it as it continues to grow and evolve. There are many exciting possibilities for creating new experiences and applications on the platform, and we can expect to see some groundbreaking projects soon.

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