The 12 Absolute Best NFT Telegram Groups Around

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a type of cryptocurrency that is unique and cannot be replaced by another token with the same characteristics. NFTs are created on a blockchain platform and are often used to represent digital assets or collectibles. They can be trade, sold, or bought, the same with any other cryptocurrency tokens. One of the benefits of NFTs is that they are secure and can’t be counterfeited.

Why NFT art is so expensive?

There are many reasons why NFT art, or digital art that uses blockchain technology, is so expensive. For one, the processing power necessary to create a high-quality piece of NFT art is considerable. Additionally, the scarcity of certain types of NFTs–such as valuable artwork–makes them more valuable and drives up their prices. Finally, the community that surrounds NFT art contributes to its high cost by often demanding very high standards for their work.

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Best NFT Telegram Groups

We have compiled a list of the very best NFT Telegram groups based on the community, sharing of valuable information, and much more. Here is the list:

  1. Colexion
  3. Binance NFTs
  4. Metaverse | Nfts | News
  5. Opensea
  7. NFT & Metaverse News Global
  8. NFT Art & Artists
  9. 9D NFT Official Global
  10. NFT Artists and Buyers
  11. NFT Room – Public
  12. NFT Discussion


One of the most active telegram groups for NFT discussion, statistics, and news. The group is made up of 75k members and keeps on growing.

The telegram community is very active and supports one another. The admins here are very friendly. Another good thing about this group is the contest and events that they provide to the members. The projects that they promote here are all legit. So if you’re still not in this group then what are you waiting for?

Colexion Telegram link –


NFT Marketplace is by far the most up-to-date when it comes to NFT. The group has more than 10k members and still increasing on daily basis. If you want to know what’s the latest and hottest drop on NFT then this would be your go-to group. They promote high-quality NFT projects with all the necessary information like road maps, Team information, and a lot more.

NFT MARKETPLACE telegram link –

Binance NFTs

Who still doesn’t know about Binance nowadays? Well, they do have an NFT telegram group in which the community is super active. The group is followed by more than 120k members and still increasing every month. What I love about this group is that the members here are friendly. All the latest drops on Binance NFT are discussed here. They also have some podcast sessions with some well-known individuals in the NFT crypto space. If you want a legit NFT community then this would be the perfect place for you to lurk.

Binance NFTs telegram link –

Metaverse | Nfts | News

This would be the largest NFT group on telegram. The telegram group is followed by more than 544k members up to date. This is a newsgroup where all the current happenings in NFT space and Metaverse are being shared. If you want to be updated on the latest trend then I suggest you join this group.

Metaverse | Nfts | News telegram link –


Opensea is the biggest and well know marketplace for Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs. They have a telegram group with members of more than 12k and still increasing daily. All the hottest and latest NFT drops are discussed here. With active admins helping the newcomers out, this would be the best place if you are planning to buy your first NFT.

Opensea telegram link –


Another great NFT telegram group that you need to follow. NFT NEWS have followers of more than 67k members up to date. This is also a newsgroup and they are promoting some great NFT projects as well. They also have events and contests for you to join and the reward is to be whitelisted for the upcoming project. This would be a decent NFT telegram group if you want some High-risk High reward NFT play. But always remember to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH FIRST!

NFT NEWS telegram link –

NFT & Metaverse News Global

This is a small group of NFT enthusiast who discusses upcoming NFT projects that has a lot of hype in the community. The group consists of more than 8.5k members. They do paid promotion here so if you are a creator you can contact the admin and propose a deal for your NFT project.

NFT & Metaverse News Global telegram link –

NFT Art & Artists

This is a specialized Telegram chat for NFT art. The group is made up of more than 6.1k members. Members of this community can ask and reply to questions, share or discuss all kinds of NFT art, and also share a direct link to the project. The community has a rule that only one post is allowed per group member daily.

NFT Art & Artists telegram link –

9D NFT Official Global

It’s a massively multiplayer online game on blockchain and NFT technology that uses martial arts as the primary gameplay mechanics. Users initially participate in the setting as a team, fighting with one another to claim or trade NFTs. Because of its recent exposure, the product has already seen a rapid increase in daily users, with the number of enthusiasts currently standing at over 49,000 Telegram users.

9D NFT Official Global telegram link –

NFT Artists and Buyers

If you’re an NFT Artist and are interested in getting exposure for your NFT products, then you’re in the correct Telegram group. As an NFT Artist, you can submit your most creative NFT project and invite potential customers to purchase them from you.
This group has more than 18,000 members. Sharing your project with this particular group will definitely help you in the long run.

NFT Artists and Buyers telegram link –

NFT Room

This is small but has an active community where NFT news and discussion are being shared. There are also promotions of NFT projects, AMA, NFT airdrops, and others. If you’re an artist or have an NFT project then you can promote your project here. The group currently has close to 4,500 members.

NFT Room telegram link –

NFT Discussion

This group is all about Non-Fungible Token or NFT discussions. You can talk about anything related to NFTs. A tight-knit group of NFT enthusiasts who share the latest news about NFT.

NFT Discussion telegram link –

What makes an NFT popular?

NFTs are becoming more popular because they are: 

  • Fast and easy to use 
  • Secure and private 
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes 
  • Can be traded on many platforms

Watch out for scams in group chats like Discord or Telegram. Never ever share your key phrase or private keys with anyone!

Are NFTs still popular in 2023?

The popularity of decentralized digital tokens, or “NFTs,” has sparked debate among investors and entrepreneurs as to whether these tokens will be the next big thing in 2023. NFTs are unique because they can represent any asset, allowing for new and innovative ways to conduct transactions. However, some experts caution that the technology behind NFTs is still in its early stages and may not be adopted by mainstream investors.

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It seems that buying NFTs is a risky investment, but it could potentially be very profitable. It is important to do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency and to be aware of the risks involved. If you are willing to take the risk, then NFTs may be a good investment for you.

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