12 Best NFT Subreddits That Will Blow You Away In 2023

What does NFT mean?

NFT or Non-fungible tokens are a new type of digital asset that allows for more efficient and transparent transactions. They allow for multiple tokens to be held and traded without worrying about their values. Non-fungible tokens have the potential to revolutionize the way we think about digital assets.

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Check the best NFT subreddits below!

Why NFT artwork is so popular?

12 Best NFT Subreddits That Will Blow You Away In 2022

The popularity of NFT artwork is due to its unique ability to combine digital art and real-world ownership. By creating a piece of NFT artwork, owners can control who can access it and how it can be used. This allows for more creative freedom and creativity when creating pieces, which in turn makes them more popular with consumers.

Finding the next best NFT project and developing your NFT projects, you need to be part of the group and be up to date with the NFT space. Reddit would be the best place to find news and updates about the upcoming NFT project, giveaways, and dropouts There are lots of subreddits centered around NFT. Here are the best of the NFT subreddits.

Best NFT Subreddits to follow


OpenSea is the most popular marketplace to browse, sell, or create the world of NFT items, including crypto art, domain names, game objects, and many other aspects. The OpenSea subreddit has a huge base of followers that is over 156,000 subscribers, a community that posts about their NFT projects and promotions.

Opensea would be the best place for someone who wants to have an up to date information about what is the latest NFT, the best upcoming NFT that has a lot of hype, and much more.


This is a subreddit dedicated to understanding artists and connecting with them. Also, a subreddit where people can share art and crypto-art, which are collectible and blockchain-based. The CryptoArt subreddit has followers of more than 17k members up to date and still growing.

Axie Infinity 

Axie Infinity is a digital pet game that lets you breed and battle creatures known as Axies. There are over hundreds of different axies to collect, each with its unique looks and abilities. You can level up your axies to become powerful warriors or breed them to create new and exciting hybrids. The world of Axie Infinity is always growing, with new updates and features being added all the time. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game, there’s always something new to discover. For more information about Axie Infinity, you can refer to this page “Axie Infinity: The Battle Pet Game Taking the Internet By Storm!

The Axie Infinity subreddit is followed by more than 100k members and they are sharing their journey on how to breed the best axie, strategies to win in PVP, and a lot more.


Rarible is a great place to create or sell NFT artworks and other digital collectibles. The Rarible subreddit is a great community that has more than 14000 members. Most users of Rarible announce their NFT projects here. If you are an NFT creator and want to make your very first NFT known on the platform, then this is the subreddit you should probably follow.


If you’re looking for free NFTs then this would be the right place for you. NFTgiveway subreddit is growing each day, now this subreddit is followed by more than 35k members. There are a lot of giveaways happening every day so make sure to follow NFTgiveway subreddit.


The NFT subreddit is the largest community when it comes to Non-fungible tokens or NFTs. All the latest trends and updates will be available here. So make sure to follow this subreddit if you want to know the latest and hottest NFT that is available on the market. This subreddit is followed by more than 460k members and still growing. So all the topics here should only be about NFT. The mods here are strict so make sure to follow the community guidelines.


This is a place where you can buy, sell, trade, promote, and share information about NFTs. NFTsMarketplace subreddit is the perfect place for you if you are an NFT artist or collector and here you have a chance to share a story or journey with people who connect with your artwork. This subreddit has a huge community behind it with more than 257k members. The discussion here is all about NFTs, NFT games, and NFT Memes and some of the discussions provide knowledgeable content about NFTs.


NiftyGateway collaborates with well-known artists and design experts from famous groups to create limited edition NFTs for their network. Follow NiftyGateaway to keep abreast of the NFTs community and ecosystem. The NiftyGateway subreddit has a small community of 5.3k members.


The NFTstock subreddit is the hub for all NFT-related stocks and news about the market. So if you’re interested in NFT-related stocks then this would be the best place for you to explore and get along with the community. The community consists of more than 7.4k members.


A community of knowledge-seeking people that are devoted to NFTs, focusing on experimenting with them. The Foundation subreddit is followed by more than 6.5K followers, and here you could locate artists and collectors interested in supporting them.


Decentraland is an online platform that allows users to create, own, and trade virtual property. The platform uses the principles of blockchain technology to create a trustless system in which users can securely store and exchange data. decentraland also offers a unique marketplace in which users can buy, sell, and trade virtual goods and services.

The Decentraland subreddit has a good amount of followers, that is more than 87k members.


The Sandbox is a blockchain game that allows decentralized development and digital item production. The game functions as an ecosystem where players, developers, and others can upload and build voxel assets to create virtual worlds and digital items. The SandboxGaming community has decent followers and the total is more than 16.8k members at the moment.

Is Reddit good for NFT?

There is no definitive answer when it comes to whether or not Reddit is good for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Some would say that the platform is great for NFTs because it provides a large audience and user base. Others may argue that the quality of content on Reddit can be questionable, which could harm the reputation of NFTs. Ultimately, it depends on the specific use case and what the goal of using Reddit is. If you are looking to increase awareness and educate people about NFTs, then Reddit could be a good platform. However, if you are looking for a more curated experience with higher quality content, then other platforms may be better suited. Always remember to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH (DYOR) first!


The best NFT subreddits to follow are those that are most relevant to your interests. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments or learn about new projects and use cases, these subreddits provide a wealth of information and discussion about all things NFTs. Be sure to check them out!

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